MP2 Cosmetic Solutions

Présentation Société de création parfums et cosmétiques sur-mesure

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MP2 Cosmetic Solution works to create cosmetic products that are trendy, original, consistent with your image of the highest quality.

Marketing Création Développement Technique - Sourcing - Qualité Production Logistique

Développement Technique Sourcing Qualité

Technical Development: For the development of specific packaging or standard packaging, our engineers will validate every stage of the development process.

Efficient Sourcing: Our teams optimise the purchasing of packaging by using partners that are most suited to your requirements, the majority being in France and Europe but also in Asia and in the Middle East for specific products or projects.

A Rigourous Quality Control: All our partners are audited, every stage of the production is submitted to thorough control.

Legal: MP2 is enrolled with the AFFSSAPS. All the developed formulas are tested and delivered with a cosmetic file that complies with the reglementations of the distributing countries. A regular monitoring system allows us to keep up to date with all new directives and recommendations from the AFSSAPS and the European authorities.