MP2 Cosmetic Solutions

Présentation Société de création parfums et cosmétiques sur-mesure

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MP2 Cosmetic Solution works to create cosmetic products that are trendy, original, consistent with your image of the highest quality.

Marketing Création Développement Technique - Sourcing - Qualité Production Logistique

Marketing Création

Analysis and advice: With an expertise in both marketing and brands, the MP2 « dream team » analysis in detail your positioning and your values. It offers you a range adapted to your requirements and clientele.

Concepts: Always up to date with the latest trends, at the forefront of innovation and with a constant eye on international markets, the marketing team provides you with concepts that are in line with your brand image and have long term vision.

Fragrances: Perfumers express all their creativity for each project ; they create for your exclusive needs your own signature for fragrance, cosmetic or home fragrance.

Formulas : Our laboratories develop specific formulas suited to your needs: classical, organic, hypoallergenic or 95% from natural origins.

Design : Our designers will bring the visual touch which make the difference on shelves and stay consistent with your graphic codes.