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N°1 in indoor tanning in France « The sun is our business »
For their mixed, sun-tanning enthusiastic, clientele, this innovative range promises two things: a fast tan which reduces the duration of the exposure and which preserves the youthfulness of the skin.

Tanning activators, protectors and extenders, dermatologically tested, and made up of a Unipertan-based compound, a powerful biological asset that accelerates tanning.
The cream's texture is soft, fluid and non-greasy for a quick application and absorption on the face and body.


MP2 Cosmetic Solutions is a company specialising in the design, development and the manufacture of custom made perfumes and cosmetic products in your own brand, offering a complete service right up to the delivery of the finished product. Our clients are both French and international (perfume distribution brands, textile brands etc), mail orders companies, retail, specialist distributors, ready to wear brands, export distributors etc)